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    Champagne Cordeuil Père et Fille

    We’ve just launched our new Champagne Cordeuil Père et Fille on our shop shelves. It occurred to me that we never wrote about our trip to the Loire at the beginning of the year! This is a mistake! I had no intention of keeping you all in the dark from our tales I promise!

    Champagne Cordeuil Père et Fille – a New Import

    We are proud of our new Champagne – it is the latest gift from our travels! It was the last stop of our trip but it was by no means the least.

    We had already been to Sancerre and Chablis so on the last day we bundled in the mini traveller to head to the airport. We had one stop to go – Chateau Cordeuil Père & Fille. Nothing got us out of bed quicker than a morning of Champagne tasting which was very apt for Llinos’ birthday too.

    Father & Daughter Duo

    Erlande welcomed us on our arrival. She is the daughter of Gilbert in the ‘father & daughter’ duo. Dyl and Llinos had already been last year so they were like old friends! The vineyard is based in Cote des Bar and has a long family history that began in 1950. Erlande is 3rd generation managing this vineyard in this lesser know region. Lesser known maybe, but no skimping on quality and we think this is great value Champagne.

    We had a quick tour around the winery and we were able to see the many Champagne bottles ageing. I was interested to see the bottles in the ‘gyro palate’ waiting to be disgorged. This automatically turns the bottles to slowly get the sediment to the neck of the bottle. An interesting and convenient machine that means Erlande doesn’t have to do it all by hand these days!

    Champagne Tasting & a Tower of Gougère

    We made our way to the cellar and this was a sight to be seen. There was an amazing room with a huge round table was decked with tasting glasses ready for our Champagne tasting. A tower of gougères that her father had made for us caught my eye immediately!

    Erlande talked us through the different Champagne. They age Champagne Cordeuil aged for a minimum of 7 years on the lees. This is what gives it depth and character with that lovely brioche flavour.

    My personal favourite was our new import Champagne, the brut Nature. Made using majority of Pinot Noir at 85% and 15% Chardonnay, it is soft, fruity and elegant. The high percentage of Pinot Noir adds plenty of fruit with balancing acidity, a long finish with a gentle mousse. A must try!