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    Trade Customers

    A Welshman from Essex and a farmer’s daughter from Arthog, we provide a reliable service and sound advice. After 25 years running Dylanwad Da restaurant in 2014 we opened Gwin Dylanwad Wine. Our knowledge of the restaurant trade means we can:

    • help select suitable wines
    • write and print your wine list
    • train your staff and ensure your list complements the quality of your food.
    • Our wines offer good value for money from producers we trust.

    Supply chains have never been so unpredictable! We shall continue to support our trade customers by maintaining our trademark of value, quality and reliability. We conduct a monthly Sales & Operations review. As a result, we have stockpiled the wholesale lines that we import and keep a close eye on stock levels. As an extra precaution we earmark suitable replacements.

    • Organic, vegan/vegetarian and biodynamic are increasingly popular as consumers are conscious of the health of the planet. Talk to us about minimum intervention and sustainability.
    • Welsh wines are seeing a real boom in 2021.
    • Quality glassware is part of the customer experience.
    • Well-trained staff who can recommend wines.
    • Informative descriptions on wine lists help customers to experiment.

    If you’d like to know more, please get in touch: 01341 422870