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    Honda Goldwing in Paris!

    An unusual invitation dropped into my inbox a while ago: ‘The British Ambassador Dame Menna Rawlings will have the pleasure to welcome Ms Llinos Rowlands to celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of Les Voisins and the launch of our new GREAT campaign.’

    It didn’t take long to book that Eurostar ticket after a 3 year moratorium on foreign travel. I think the excitement went to my head a bit and that’s my explanation for taking a Honda Goldwing taxi through Paris on my arrival. It shocked staff and family – Terri nearly choked on her rice crispies when she received my video but that just added to the fun.

    So I had a splendid visit to the Louvre with my dear friend Elin and lounged casually sipping wine in numerous bars before going to the spectacular residence of the British Ambassador – as you do.

    The idea behind Les Voisins is to strengthen the relationship between the two countries and build on links. I like that idea. I had written a short piece for them a few years ago about Saint Cels, our lovely producer in St Chinian.

    A friendly Frenchman I chatted to was bemused by the event and with a cheeky smile said ‘Is zis to make Britain great again?’ I like a bit of banter and told him that the sparkling he was enjoying was English (I had clocked the cases of Nyetimber behind the curtains). I saw him a few minutes later quizzing the waiter and being shown a bottle. Mon dieu! He needed another drink after that!

    It was a fun affair with food, music, lightshows and… oh no. Singing. The Voisins from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales were invited to sing in competition. So I had the dubious honour of singing ’Sex Bomb’ of all songs to choose alongside the Ambassador and the handfuI of Welsh people. I don’t like singing in public but thankfully there was a raucous atmosphere by then and no-one heard hopefully!

    So an interesting visit and it was just so good to travel to the continent again. I’m proud of our trading relationships with lots of small wine makers around Europe. During such a sad time on our doorstep I am more than willing to take part in our very small way to cement strong and lasting friendships. Cheers to every Voisin around the world!

    Honda Goldwing ym Mharis
    Daeth gwahoddiad anarferol iawn trwy e-bost tua mis yn ôl. The British Ambassador Dame Menna Rawlings will have the pleasure to welcome Ms Llinos Rowlands to celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of Les Voisins and the launch of our new GREAT campaign.

    Wel, don’t mind if I dw! Dyma archebu fy nhocyn Eurostar yn syth! Sioc gyntaf i staff a theulu oedd fy newis o dacsi trwy Baris pan gyrhaeddais – ie, tacsi beic modur! Roedd Sebastien a’i Honda Goldwing yn ffordd gyffroes a chyflym i deithio mewn Dinas. Bron i Terri dagu ar ei swper pan welodd fy fideo.

    Pwrpas yr oll beth o ‘voisines’ (cymdogion’ ydi cryfhau’r berthynas rhwng y DU a Ffrainc. Ysgrifennais erthygl iddynt tua 3 mlynedd yn ôl (trwy’r dalentog Elin Roberts) am y berthynas rhwng Gwin Dylanwad ac un o’r gwinllannoedd o Ffrainc rydym yn mewnforio ganddynt. Felly, dwi’n voisine!

    Roedd yn barti llawn hwyl, bwyd a dawnsio yn yr adeilad hanesyddol a hardd yng nghanol y ddinas. Ac roedd voisines o’r Alban, Gogledd Iwerddon a Lloegr yn ogystal â Chymru. Yn anffodus roedd gofyn i bob cenedl DU ganu i gynrychioli eu gwlad. O Gymru mae’r Llys Genhades Menna Rawlings yn wreiddiol. Ond doedd dim ond hanner dwsin o Gymru. Y dewis o gan i ni? ‘Sex Bomb’ a goeliwch! Felly cefais y ‘fraint’ o ganu ‘Sex Bomb’ gyda nhw. Diolch i’r nefoedd roedd cynulleidfa swnllyd erbyn hyn a dwi’n wir obeithio bo dim fideo!!