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    South Africa

    A week in South Africa is a short time so we were extremely grateful to have our lovely friends Jón and Catherine to act our tour guides! So, no wandering around finding our bearings and figuring out the lay of the land. Jón was there to whisk us away immediately. Well, once we’d delivered the Mercedes rear window we’d transported over for a friend – just a regular journey you understand. Within an hour of arriving in South Africa we were having brunch in vineyard number one. Note we’re holding on to our fleeces. We were told it could be chilly out there. Not if you’re from Wales!

    Groot Constantia

    So much for ‘New World’ this stunning wine estate with its beautiful buildings date back to 1685. Perched up on the hillside, from the grounds you look towards False Bay. There lies the clue to being able to produce quality wines in South Africa. Altitude from the rugged mountain ranges that run like arteries down to the sea. Cooling winds from the numerous bays. Also, next stop is the Antarctic, from there the Benguela current transports icy waters around the tip and up the west coast of Africa. Add to this the cooling effect of the wind (The Cape Doctor) and you have a climate that’s suited for wine production.

    Klein Constantia

    After our visit to this estate, Dyl reminded me that we have a 1989 bottle of Klein Constantia at home. A delicious natural sweet wine from the same area: Vin de Constance.  I dug it out, it’s possible that it’s past its best. Maybe it’s time to open that now and see!

    A bottle of Klein Constantia natural sweet wine 1989.

    Cape of Good Hope

    Our first day really helped us settle with a tour around the Cape. We drove through the Cape Point Nature Reserve, right down to the Cape of Good Hope. Maybe it’s not quite the southernmost point but it’s still exciting to think you’re right down at the final piece of land of that great continent. We slept well that first night. Look out for our next blog when we have an insight into the making of sparkling wine in South Africa.